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From conceptual pitch ideation, to final color grading, the entire unique visual style of the episode was corralled and unified as one of my missions. Work began at concept and finished out at final visual post colour correction.

Part of the role was to create many of the concept designs and the entire Colour script/board, produce the style guides for the whole episode and help with additional storyboards. The project required me to directly supervise the Background Artists, FX artists and Compositing team and work in tandem with the Director on all reviews of Storyboard, Layout, animation, cleanup and compositing.

Star Wars Visions

- Screecher's Reach -

Art Director


Worked closely with director Paul Young and the Lucasfilm Executive team, Jaqui Lopez, James Waugh and Josh Rimes, to envision Cartoon Saloon’s Star Wars, "Screecher's Reach" animated short film. A completely new and unique story conceptualised, written and developed at Cartoon Saloon inside the Star Wars Universe.

My mission was to create the style from scratch and supervise all the teams together with the director Paul to create this unique story.

Client : Cartoon Saloon, Lucasfilm

Director : Paul Young

Role : Art Director




One of the most ambitious sections is the “Dark Side Hallucination” of “The Force Vision”. As the kids get deeper into the cave, the dark side becomes stronger and they slowly drift into a dark force nightmare as their fear increases. The aggressive BG shapes start to slowly drift as if the darkness would grow as fingers towards them. Inside this nightmare the banshee appears, reaching the peak of expressiveness when Daal faces the lightsaber.


This was traditionally animated frame by frame with ink and paper.

I supervised all departments from storyboad, to concept, animation and compositing, as well as animated all the lightsaber FX shots.

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