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© 2020 by Almu Redondo |

Almu Redondo is a storyboard artist, visual development and concept artist from Spain with passion for stories. She was born with a pencil in her hands. Trained in traditional art since she was 6 years old, she studied Architectural Design, which gave her a strong art theory, history and design foundation. As a result, she always looks for the unifying underlying structure in every creative project.  


She has worked as visual development artist for animation films and TV series, as well as concept artist and storyboard artist for the VFX industry for clients like Disney, LucasArts, The Weistein Company, The Pokemon Company, Nickelodeon or Universal , with work in films as Aladdin (2019),  Wolfwalkers (2020), Dolitle (2020) or Jason Bourne (2016), Star Wars Battle Quads advertisement and TV Series like Plebs III.

She makes several stops at conventions, write articles and give talks and workshops on a fairly regular basis, in events and magazines like Siggraph ChileIndustry Workshops London, BFX Bournemouth Festival, Imagine FX Magazine, Character Design Quarterly or Firestarter Magazine.


She is currently bringing life as Visual Development and Concept Artist in the four times Oscar nominated studio Cartoon Saloon. Previously she has worked in Lighthouse Studios, Blue Zoo London and Flaunt Productions Glasgow, with exciting Films, Tv Series, short films and games to come! Stay tuned!




Character Design Quarterly #3 - designing

a character from a narrative brief 

IMAGINE FX # 151 - Mindfulness in Art

 IMAGINE FX # 166 - Artist in Residence

Firestarter Magazine #3 - Stylization with soul

NON STOP BARCELONA 2020 - coming soon

SIGGRAPH CHILE 2018 - Visual Dev for animation

Industry Workshops 2017 - Stylization with Soul

Industry Workshop 2017 - demo day (character demo)

Pecha Kucha COAVN Pamplona - from architecture to VFX

Bournemouth BFX Mentorship Summer Program - art tutor

Mentorships -  ***coming soon***

Character Design for Graphic Designers

Gumroad Tutorials - ***coming soon***

Siggraph 2018 Workshop - ***coming soon***

Scene Illustrator - Background Color
Dolittle (2020)
Storyboad Artist and 2d Animator
Aladdin (2019)
Storyboad Artist and 2d Animator
My Father's Dragon
Scene Illustrator - Concept Art
Twice Upon a Time
Concept Artist - Matte Painter
Star Wars Battle Quads
Art Director - Concept Artist
Jason Bourne
Concept Artist
Concept Artist - VFX Art Director
Under the Shadow
Concept Artist - Matte Painter
My Beautiful Broken Brain
Concept Artist - VFX Art Director
Motion Graphics Lead - Concept Artist
47 Meters Down
Storyboard Artist
Plebs III
Matte Painter
Lucky Man
Matte Painter
Matte Painter
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