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League of Legends

- Various Cinematics -

Art Director


Client: Riot Games, Axis Studios

Directors: Jeremy Thompson, Dustin Wicke, Daniel Stolzman

Role: Art Director

Between 2020 and 2022 I was approached to art direct a total of 8 Short Films, Cinematics and Trailers for Riot Games various IPs, working closely with Riot Games’ directors and the team at Axis to bring to life the worlds of “League of Legends: Tales of Runeterra” cinematics, "The Ruined King, a League of Legends Story" game trailer and "Valorant: Duality" cinematic. 


I helped to craft the creative direction and supervised the different departments, lighting, composting, FX, assets, dmp, texture / environment and look development teams. I also created color scripts, concepts, storyboards and matte paintings. In my time there I also  carried out recruiting duties, training, bidding, press releases and master classes.

League of Legends

- Targon Cinematic -

Watch TARGON Cinematic here

Joining forces with Riot’s Director Daniel Stolzman and Art Director Annis Naem, we crafted the Color Script for this piece that I had the pleasure to execute. We tried to represent the themes of love and hate, darkness and light, in this dual fight between the Lunari and the Solari. Demigods fighting amidst ancient ruins built by the forgotten gods of the past, with staircases to heaven and aurora borealis which showcases Mount Targon in its full glory.

League of Legends

- Yordles Cinematic -

Watch SENTINELS OF LIGHT Cinematic here

We pushed the painterly stylized look of 2d animation with the flexibility of 3d assets, hitting moody lighting and grounded cinematography in one of the most emotionally packed cinematics. I also got the chance to help with storyboards and designs on environments and FX. 

In collaboration with Riot’s creative director Mike Berry, and Riot's director Jeremy Thompson, we aimed to craft an epic fight between light and darkness. Tense, dark and gritty sequences on the Shadow Isles, the land of the King, ruined, destroyed and cursed, would contrast with a poetic and beautiful reveal for his wife Isolde coming back to life in Camavor, the lost forgotten kingdom they once ruled upon.

League of Legends

- Sentinels of Light Cinematic -

Watch BIDGEWATER Cinematic here

 I started working as an Assistant Art Director in this title with the great Bram Sels and the director at Riot Jeremy Thompson.

In addition I had the chance to help out for a couple of weeks doing some matte paintings. Here a couple of the backgrounds I painted for them.

League of Legends

- Bildgewater Cinematic -