Title: Aladdin (2019)

Director: Guy Richie

VFX Supervisor: Chas Jarrett

Services: Storyboard and 2d animation

Company: Disney

Status: Post- production


Worked with the VFX Supervisor to create Post- Vis Storyboads and 2d Animation for the main VFX characters in the up-coming live action adaptation of the Disney's classic Aladdin.

A huge shout out to all the team that worked in Aladdin. I had a great experience storyboarding and 2d animating with the great Uli Meyer in the sequence of the Genie coming out of the lamp ( 2 of my shots included in the trailer!). Been my favourite Disney Movie as a kid, was amazing to join this incredible team in London for a few weeks and work with some animation legends with credits from Space Jam or the Thief and Cobbler to Spirit. Hands in the hair for the incredible job the team pulled out! 

A great insight into our process of 2d animating Aladdin by our VFX supervisor Chas Jarrett can be found here.

And here the two shots from the Trailer in which I worked: 

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