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Storyboard & 2D Animator


Worked with the VFX Supervisor Chas Jarret to create Post- Vis Storyboards and 2d Animation for the main VFX characters in the 2019 live action adaptation of Disney's classic Aladdin.

Here you can find a selection of some of the shots that are one the public domain in which I worked on.

All rights go to Disney Studios.

Client : Disney

Director : Guy Richie

VFX Supervisor: Chas Jarrett

Role : Storyboard and 2d animation

In words of our VFX supervisor Chas Jarret, our Post Vis work on the genie was about exploring "things like the way he would move, the way he would shrink, for example, does he stretch, does he squash, does he pop from one place or another? It might seem simple when you watch it, but actually a lot of thought had to go into that kind of staging."

I had the opportunity of storyboarding and 2d animating with the great Uli Meyer the sequence of the Genie coming out of the lamp. 

A great insight into our process of 2d animating Aladdin by our VFX supervisor Chas Jarrett can be found here.

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