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League of Legends - Yordles

Art Director


Client : Riot Games, Axis Studios

Director : Dustin Wicke

Role : Art Director

In 2019 I joined forces once again with Riot Games to art direct internally at Axis this title for the Tales of Runeterra and Wild Rift cinematics. We worked with Riot director Dustin Wicke and art director Annis Naem to shape this wild adventure, present our characters and the new Yordle Expedition event. 

WR_screengrab (17).jpg

Travelling through their magical portals, we discover their homeland,  Bandle City and revisit Piltover and Bilgewater as Tristana, Lulu and Corki team up to save the imprisoned Teemo and pet a soul-devouring sea worm, landing Graves and Twisted Fate in trouble on the way...

One of the funniest projects we have done, it was a pleasure to craft the Yordles adventures in this gorgeous cinematic and illustrative style with Axis' stellar team.



Senior team

Dustin Wicke: Director, Caleb Bouchard: Executive Production  

Sophie Robeson: Production, Imran Sajid: CG Supervision, Almu Redondo: Art Direction 

Full Credits


Abigail Barr, Adrien Douay, Agatha Vermeil, Ahmed Ghazy, Alan MacEachern, Alberto Garcia, Ananda Aran, Anastasia Shiyankova, Andrey Sviridenko, Anil Onlem, Bader Badruddin, Baptiste Groazil, Benoit Filippin, Carlo Kasongo, Chloe Paton, Chris Ostrowski, Coline Siega, Craig Herbertson, Daniel Morante Ortiz, Daniel R'Kaloo, Duncan Formosa, Eilidh Brown, Ekaterina Pushkarova, Emma Townsend, Femke Schaars, Francesco Quarta, Jayden Paterson, Jens Wisser, Joffrey Ferrandes, John Wilde, Jose Domato, Joseph Nickson, Julia Pishtar, Katha Nabadalung, Kevin Poveda, Laura MacMahon, Laura McMaster, Lee Croudy, Liam Corrie, Lucas Tebib, Lukas Gecas, Michelle Chen, Nicole Rothermel, Olivier Montero, Paween Sarachan, Piotr Hurny, Raphael Cancellier, Rebecca Margey, Rob Foote, Roberto Gatto, Rosealee Higgins, Roxanne Nathan, Rudy Bourgoin, Sara Vineis, Sebastien Bergamaschi, Sergio Grana, Sjors de Laat, Sofia Hansson, Stephen Cunningham, Steven Barbour, Sunrise Ishimwe, Tamas Sarffi, Veronika Epsteina, Viktor Saghy

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