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League of Legends - Targon

Art Director


Client : Riot Games, Axis Studios

Director : Daniel Stolzman

Role : Art Director

In 2019 I was called to art direct internally at Axis this title for the Tales of Runeterra cinematics for Riot Games. It was a daunting and incredible experience at once. To work in such a well established world with very loved characters was a big endeavor but also a fascinating experience to work shoulder to shoulder with the incredible talented team at Axis and the passionate and creative team at Riot, pushing the pixels together.


Joining forces with Riot’s Director Daniel Stolzman and Art Director Annis Naem, we crafted the Color Script for this piece that I had the pleasure to execute. We tried to represent the themes of love and hate, darkness and light, in this dual fight between the Lunari and the Solari. Demigods fighting amidst ancient ruins built by the forgotten gods of the past, with staircases to heaven and aurora borealis which showcases Mount Targon in its full glory.



Senior team

Daniel Stolzman: Director  Traci Tufte: Executive Producer  Sophie Robeson: Producer  

Steven Barbour: CG Supervisor  Almu Redondo: Art Director 

Full Credits


Abigail Barr, Adrien Douay, Agatha Vermeil, Alan MacEachern, Amy Paterson, Anastasia Shiyankova, Angus Dunn, Anna Cowan , Aurelien Hulot, Bader Badruddin, Baptiste Groazil, Benoit Filippin, Bram Sels, Camille Fourniols, Carlo Kasongo, Chloe Paton, Chris Ostrowski, Claudio Quarra Sacco, Coline Siega, Craig Herbertson, Csaba Baity, Daniel Morante Ortiz, David Lewander, Duncan Formosa, Ekaterina Pushkarova, Eliza Suipik, Emma Townsend, Femke Schaars, Francesco Quarta, Harry Houghton, Huy Ho, Imran Sajid, Jayden Paterson, Jens Wisser, Joan Buhigas, John Wilde, Jose Domato, Joseph Nixon, Kevin Poveda, Lara Cores, Laura McMaster, Lee Croudy, Liam Corrie, Lukas Gecas, Luke Smith, Marco Doerner, Nicole Rothermol , Olivier Montero, Pablo Bosch, Paween Sarachan, Philip Buschauer, Raphael Cancellier, Robert Connor, Roxanne Nathan, Rudy Bourgoin, Sara Vineis, Sofia Hansson, Stephen Cunningham, Sunrise Ishimwe, Tamas Sarffi, Xabier Urrutia

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