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Screen Graphics Director - Art Director

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Client : OutpostVFX

Director : Simon West

Role : Screen graphics Director, Art Director and Concept Artist 

Stratton is a British action thriller film directed by Simon West, based on the novel series of the same name by Duncan Falconer. My mission in this exciting action thriller was to create and direct all the screen motion graphics for the Mi6 and all devices showcased in screen

STR_SEQ_10 copy.jpg

The director's vision was to have a fairly old style, reminiscent of the 80´s and 90´s technology in the general tint of the film, blue and orange. We went for a very square and orthogonal set up, with simple layouts that would tell the story in a clear and concise way and avoid any angular or dynamic angles or animation that would go against the desired style. ​

The process was to create concepts in photoshop, create the layouts in Illustrator, which would be imported into After Effects to create all the animation and include the 3d assets. My mission was to direct, art direct the pieces and create concepts, illustrator layouts, coordinate the 2d, 3d and AE animation team, and compositing 3d animations to help bring to the screen all the information needed in the best way possible.



Simon West: Director  

Duncan Falconer: (based on the novel by) (screenplay by)

Warren Davis II: (screenplay by) 

Danny Duke: visual effects coordinator: Outpost VFX  

Almu Redondo: art director motion graphics and team supervisor

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Full Cast & Crew here

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