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My Beautiful Broken Brain

Concept Artist and Compositing


Client : Netflix 

Director : Sophie Robinson 

Executive Producers: David Lynch, Lotje Sodderland, Sophie Robinson

Role : Concept artist, Compositing

OutpostVFX teamed up with Netflix and Director Sophie Robinson to add some visual magic to the incredible documentary My Beautiful Broken Brain telling the story of Lotje Sodderland and how her stroke has discovered her a new stunning world.

Our mission was to bring into life Lotje world and make it possible for all of us to be part of it. I worked together with Lotje creating concepts that would translate her world and serve as the visual keys for the VFX team. 

brain GALAXYClayers_alltogether2.jpg

This documentary film produced by David Lynch digs into the deep meaning and relationship between brain and consciousness. I had the task of creating some concepts to find the look of a "galaxy - brain". We needed to define the concept of a whole universe inside of a brain. Both the universe and brain have an extremely similar structure, so we started from there. This became the "law" of the project and we applied the look of these concepts for CG brain graphics, the effects that replicate her visions, for credits, promotional posters and banners.

When the look was defined, I worked closely with the VFX Team to maintain this look thought the whole film in all the graphics necessary to tell Lotje´s story. At production stage I worked also as compositor, translating the concept directly to the screen. Under the supervision and guidance of Elena Estevez Santos, we created this beautiful piece. Some of my shots can be seen here.



Sophie Robinson, Lotje Sodderland: Director  

Danny Duke: Outpost VFX Producer

David Lynch, Lotje Sodderland, Sophie Robinson: Executive Producers

Elena Estevez Santos: Outpost VFX Supervisor 

Almu Redondo: Concept Art, VFX Compositing

Outpost VFX: Production Company

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Full Cast and Crew credits here

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