Title: Targon, The Vaulted Road

Director: Daniel Stolzman

Company: Axis - Riot Games

Services: Art Direction


Coming to work to Axis to art direct the League of Legends cinematics was equaly daunting and rewarding. Films are a huge team effort and from the Directors, concept artists  and world building team at Riot Games, to all the talended and passionate team at Axis from production, our CG Supervisor Steven Barbour, the matte painters, the character team, the lighting and compositing team and all the departments, we all pushed the pixels together to bring Mount Targon to life. 

It was an incredibly thrilling to add one more milestone in the development of these stories and the universe of League's Runeterra and the experience of working alongside incredible creative people. Apart from Art Direction in each step, I got lucky to be able to get hands one, and I was on charge of creating the Color Script and some of the matte paintings you see in screen.

This cinematic showcases two of the favorites champions in this universe, Leona, the aspect of the Sun, and Diana, the scorn of the Moon, trapped in the middle of a millennial war between the Solari and the Lunari. Everything amidst a prophecy, and Eclipse that connects our plane of the existence and the celestial one, with the spectacular Mount Targon as stage. 


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