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Domestos - Advertisement

Storyboard and Character Designer


Client : Outpost VFX

Director : Duncan McWilliam

Role : Storyboard Artist, Character design

In this exciting advertisement we continue Uli Meyer's Domestos saga and we distil the apocalypse feeling of a huge budget film and we twist it in a big cartoony flip, making our main character, the “Prime Grimminster”  and the audience the “Germkind”, run for their lifes.

I storyboarded it and helped with character design.

domestos CH Design copy.jpg



Duncan McWilliam: Director  

Gez Hixson: Outpost VFX Producer

Duncan McWilliam: Outpost VFX Supervisor  

Steve Molloy: Art Director, Character Design

Almu Redondo: Storyboard. Character Design

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