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Star Wars - Visions

Art Director


Client : Cartoon Saloon, Lucasfilm

Director : Paul Young

Role : Art Director

Worked closely with director Paul Young and the Lucasfilm team to Art Direct Cartoon Saloon’s Star Wars Visions, "Screecher's Reach" animated short film. A completely new and unique story created, envisioned, written and developed at Cartoon Saloon inside the Star Wars Universe.


My mission was to create the style from scratch and supervise all the teams together with the director Paul to create this unique story.


First Look revealed at Star Wars Celebration which shows a sneak peak into the short film. In the words of director Paul Young “ adapting Irish Mythology to a galaxy far, far away, we have created an Irish ghost story with a Twist. Following our dedication to hand drawn animation, we always push the expressive nature of traditional media to tell the emotional story visually. Using conflicting marks of ink and watercolor of paper to express the main conflict in the story.”

Releasing 4th of May on Disney Plus!!


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