Concept Artist, Background Designer

Client : Studio Chizu, Cartoon Saloon

Director : Mamoru Hosoda

Role : Concept Artist, Background Artist

In 2019, as part of a group of artists lead by Tomm More and Ross Stewart, we worked with director Mamoru Hosoda to create a dream sequence inside of the world of “U” in his feature film “Belle”. We created a unique and completely new style, designing a fantasy and a mirage in a virtual world.


My first experience working in anime, I was in charge of producing the final concepts and shaping the final style.  The last image on the Trailer is a sneak peak of it, that I had the pleasure to create, which you can see below.

Screenshot (225) copy.png




Cartoon Saloon

Ross Stewart, Tomm More: Director   

Alice Dieudonne, Maria Pareja, Almu Redondo : Concept Artist

Almu Redondo: Background Artist 

Studio Chizu

Mamoru Hosoda: Director

Hiroyuki Ishiguro: Assistant Producer

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